Automatic Generation of test Cases from Use-Case Diagram

Ismail, Noraida and Ibrahim, Rosziati and ibrahim, Noraini (2007) Automatic Generation of test Cases from Use-Case Diagram. Proceedings of the International Conference on Electrical Engineering and informatics Institut Teknologi Bandung.


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Intelligent searching techniques have been developed in order to provide a solution to the issue of finding information relevant to the user needs, and the problem of information overload - when far too much information is returned from a search. We employ this technique to introduce an automatic tool which used to generate the test cases automatically according to the system’s requirement. The tool uses two steps for generating test cases. First, the system’s requirements are transformed into a Unified Modeling Language (UML) Use-case Diagram. Second, the test cases will be automatic generated according to the use cases respectively. In the workspace, the ToolBox is used in order to ease the drawing of the use-case diagram. As well as allowing a user to layout the requirements of the system via a use-case diagram in the provided workspace, a user also may type-in the properties for each of the use cases used. Once the use- case diagram has been finalized, it can be save for further used and modification. The engine of the tool will take the use cases from the use-case diagram and search the query string (keyword) used in the tool’s library. The searching engine uses both search keyword and additional information of the use-case diagram. This combination will result in improving data retrieval performance. Once the use case used matches the keyword inside the tool’s library, the engine will automatically generate its respective test cases according to its use case.

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