harsanti, intaglia and auria, yudha ETHNOCENTRISM IN BETAWI PEOPLE. skrisi program studi psikologi. (Submitted)

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omthebeginningof story, most of Betawi people are slaves and workers. It is a I!Nnard thingsfor betawi people to modernize. Economically they are poor, and '.v~nopoliticalrepresentatives. The fact is betawi people is not the majority in .aKarta.There are some ethnic people lives in Jakarta, such as Javanese (35,16%), jetawi (27,65%), Sundanese (15, 7%), Chinese (5,53%), Batak (3,61%), ~11angkabau (3,18%), Malay (1,62%), Bugese (0,59%), Madura (0,57%), ;;1tenese (0,25%), Banjar (0,10%), and other (6,48%). This led to anxiety on "em. Sothey build an attitude among them to unlike the newcomers and hate "~msotheycan prevent their goals, their life in betawi land. This ethnocentrism ~aviorare interesting to learn because from previous research this behavior :'ecorrelatewith education. The aim of this research is to determine the ;~erences of ethnocentrism among betawi adults with high education and low 'ducation. This research are held in Kampung Makasar, Jakarta Timur and takes :Jpeople livesthere. Fromindependent sample test we get the result that there asignificantdifferences of ethnocentrism between betawi people with high ~ucation and low education (F=0,000 (p < 0,01)).

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Uncontrolled Keywords: ethnocentrism;betawi;people;
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Date Deposited: 27 Feb 2014 09:44
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