Comparative Study of Intelligent Personal Assistant

R, Dewi Agushinta and Lolita, Baby and Setianti, Dwike Aprilia and Wahyudi, Hardimen and Partadiyasa, I Putu Comparative Study of Intelligent Personal Assistant. International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology (IJEIT). ISSN 2277-3754

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.Abstract- When Apple, Inc. launched iPhone 4S on late 2011, one of its point of interest is the new built-in personal assistant application called Siri (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface). The application has the ability to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions as a response for its user's voice input using natural language processing. Siri gets favorable reception though it still has some shortcomings such as limitedfunctionality when used outside United States and trouble understanding English with accent. Currently, Siri is only availablefor iPhone 4s. While there is a chance that Apple's other mobile device (older iPhone, iPad and iPod) will get Siri in the future, it is very unlikely that it will be opened to another mobile operating system. Since Google's Android is holding more than half smartphone market in the world asfor 2011, wefeel the need to find similar application to Sirt for Android devices. There are several personal assistant applications using natural language processing available in Google's Play Store. Top three of the application will be compared in this paper to assess their ability as personal assistant, as same as like Siri for iPhone 4S. They are Iris, Skyvi, and Speaktoit's Assistant as they have the highest install count, 5 stars rating, and average rating in Play Store. These applications will be tested for its features for input and output correctness, ability to understand questions or command outside their embedded input structure. Some tests will be embedded toprovide user scientific reference to determine the best application similar to iPhone's Slrl for Android devices. Based on the test's results, Speaktoit's Assistant comes in the first place. It managed to pass all tests with 100% score, beating Skyvi and Iris with 70% and 63.33% score respectively. But still, all the tested applications have much homework to be able to compete with Siri:

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Intelligent Personal Assistant; Iris; Siri; Skyvi
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